9 January 2016: Annual Dinner Gala

JAGSL celebrated at its Annual Dinner Gala at the Deer Creek Club on 9 January 2016, hosted by Curt & Robin Engler.  The light was lovely for the event, but was less than kind to the cameras which did their very best to negotiate the dim, and the contrast, while struggling to focus; still, one gets the idea with these snapshots.  And it's the humble opinion of this editor that candid shots are better of folks detailing cars at shows ... than eating and speaking at banquets.  What is certain is that it was a grand event thoroughly enjoyed by those in attendance!  See the January/February 2016 issue of The Jaguar's Growl (21.1) for the coverage.
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2016 Annual Dinner Gala

2016 Dinner Gala Ephemera


Annual Dinner Gala
Personal invitations delivered.


Program & Menu

Deer Creek Club
Choice of menu items ... including Pull Bread!