27 June 2015: Missouri Veterans Rallye

Hosted by Ron Henry and Phil Taxman, this event was part show, part rallye, and all delightfully fun.  First, JAGSL members put their Jaguars on display in a private auto show for the veterans at the Missouri Veterans Home; from there, they caravaned to the Lewis & Clark State Memorial Park, and then to Fast Eddie's Bon Air in Alton, IL.  The July 2015 issue of The Jaguar's Growl (20.6) in the 2015 Growl archives has a brief event write-up, but for a more complete picture, see the August 2015 (20.7) issue (also in the 2015 Growl archives).
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Missouri Veterans Rallye

2015 Missouri Veterans Rallye


Rallye Route
Just Like Lewis & Clark