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Where is my Jaguar Journal?
In the past couple of weeks, we have seen a significant increase in questions from members asking “Where is my Jaguar Journal?” As we all know, USPS and its partners in Canada and Mexico are
suffering delivery delays. The Jaguar Journal was delivered to the the Post Offices on our normal schedule. If a member is missing their Jaguar Journal, before contacting the JCNA Admin, please ask the member to check with the Club Membership Chair to ensure that they are in the Roster provided to the JCNA Admin. If they were reported to JCNA as being a renewing or new member then they should raise an inquiry with their local Postmaster. After receiving responses from their Membership Chair and Postmaster their Jaguar Journal is not located then please let the JCNA admin know.

Membership cards
Please remind your members that their membership cards are now printed on the Jaguar Journal flysheet.

Membership renewals
Comparing 2021 YTD to the same period in 2020 some clubs are renewing at the same rate and some are seeing their renewals slower. The clubs with the strongest renewals are the clubs that have been
able to conduct safe events, both virtual and real. Please see the letter below from Bob Matejek, JCNA Secretary and chair of the JCNA Special Awards Committee about the event calendar. If your club has
any questions about safe events please let me know.
Concours Rules for 2022
As you were notified by Hal Kritzman, the JCNA Chair, JCNA will be using the last Rule Book that was last approved by AGM delegates in 2019. As you probably detected from Hal’s mail, he and the members of the JCNA were very disappointed given the amount of work they spent on the substantial number of changes.  However, as they say, “Rules are Rules” both on Concours field and in JCNA’s operations and so we must wait until our 2021 AGM to hear from all constituent clubs and vote on the changes.

From Bob Matejek and the Special Awards Committee

Jaguar Club Activities During COVID Concerns
The JCNA Special Awards committee has reviewed a lot of Newsletters and Websites recently to judge them so we can recognize the Clubs and People who work to put out quality sources of information and entertainment.

The World has been suffering from COVID 19 for more than a year. People have gotten sick and died. There have been lock downs. The Jaguar enthusiasts are generally an older group and could be more vulnerable. Our lives have changed significantly, and we wonder if and when things will return to normal. Vaccines are now becoming available. Restaurants are opening up. Students are going back to school. Businesses are opening up. Entertainment is coming back.
Some Clubs have suspended all activities. Others have kept up most of their normal Activities with safeguards added.
Club Officers and event organizers need to become familiar with, and remain updated on, the state/ provincial COVID-19 orders, regulations and advice, particularly related to the types of activities that are allowable and what precautions, if any, are mandated for such activates.

In a normal year, JCNA has about 28 or so Concours. In 2020, there were around 18. A lot of people were anxious to find a good car show since so many were canceled. Those that carried on may have had more participants and visitors than expected. Add in some masks, social separation, cautious food service, responsible people and the events continue.
Clubs are having online, possibly Zoom meetings. Easy to amend, with your cocktail and munchies of choice. No traffic or crowds. You can see your friends, hold conversations, discussions, talk about Jaguar Club business and even have a guest speaker narrating a slide show. It could again be business as usual with a few differences.

Driving events can continue. Not all museums and places of interest are closed. With social separating and masks, you can still attend and tour. Even without a point of interest to stop and visit, you can just go for a drive. Most Club events do involve some type of food and refreshments. From a Drive, if a restaurant is not available, you can all congregate in a park and have commercial picnic food  delivered or picked up and enjoy the day with your friends spread out among many picnic tables. Ice Cream Stands are still open as a meeting place with separation.

Some Clubs have held some virtual Car Shows where members submit photos of their cars or other cars to an online forum, with or without serious judging. Use caution and do your best to care for the health of your members and guests. People are frustrated with all the things that they haven’t been able to do for the past year. activities can continue and could help your Club and membership and everyone’s spirit. 
Bob Matejek
JCNA Special Awards Chair.

Volunteer Opportunities
JCNA operates because of our volunteers at all levels and we have a couple of opportunities for volunteers. Trophy Management Program Manager – JCNA is searching for a volunteer to succeed Dave McDowell who has managed the JCNA Trophy program for the past six years. Dave is retiring from his roles as a South-Central Regional Director and as the manager of JCNA Trophy program. Thank you  have for your great contributions.

Key activities of the Trophy Program Manager include responding to club trophy order requests, managing the trophy inventory including replenishment by the trophy supplier, and distributing awards. There are systems and procedures in place for these activities. In particular, the management of the physical trophy inventory and packing and shipping is all done by a UPS store, so you do not need to fill your dining room with trophies! Dave McDowell can provide a more complete information. Please give serious consideration to serving your fellow JCNA members by volunteering for this key role.
Video transcription - JCNA and the Coventry Foundation have a short term opportunity to help transcribe a set of period technical training lessons to a format for online use. This activity take place at the Coventry Foundation location and will need about 20 to 30 hours time that can be spread over several weeks if needed, to convert the training presentations to a current video technology. While the conversion is in process there will be time to peruse the Coventry Foundation exhibits. When the training lessons have been converted they will be made available online to JCNA members and other Jaguar enthusiasts. If you are near the Coventry Foundation, have time available and can volunteer please contact Les Hamilton, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or George Camp, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for taking the time to read and if you have any feedback feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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